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A1. Roti Prata (2 Pcs)



A2. Veggies Spring Rolls (4 Pcs)

Cabbage, noodle and carrots.


A3. Tahu Petis

Fried tofu with special fish sauce.


A3. Tahu Kacang

Fried tofu with special peanut sauce.


A4. Martabak Telor

Ground chicken and egg in crispy dough.


A5. Siomay

Steamed fish cake on the top of potato, egg and tofu served with peanut sauce.


A6. Batagor

Fried siomay.


A7. Empek -Empek

Deep fried fish cakes in dark vinegar sauce.


A8. Risoles Ragout (4 pcs)

Milk, green peas, carrots and celery



Served with rice.

B1. Baso Kuah

Meatball and vegetables soup (without rice).


B2. Sayur Asem

Indonesian hot and sour soup served with vegetable and salted fish.


B3. Lontog Sayur

Rice in coconut and spicy vegetable soup served with beef, egg and cracker.


B4. Tongseng Kambing

Lamb stew and vegetable in coconut milk.


B5. Soto Madura

Maduranese yellow beef soup


B6. Sop Kikil

Beef tendon soup.


Indonesian Special

Served with Rice

C1. Ketoprak

Steamed bean sprouts with rice noodle in garlic peanut sauce


C2. Titapia and Sambal Lalap

Fried whole tilapia comes aside with vegetables


C3. Nasi Goreng Kambing

Fried rice with lamb


C4. Mie Goreng

Fried soft noodles. Choice of chicken, shrimp or combination.


C5. Kwetiau Goreng

Fried flat noodles. With chicken or beef


C6. Nasi Goreng Belacan

Choice of chicken, shrimp or combination.


C7. Nasi Timbel

Wrapped rice in banana leaf, come aside with salted fish, fried chicken, fried beef, raw vegetable and hot sour soup.


C8. Nasi Goareng Ikan Asin

Fried rice with salted fish.


C9. Bubur Ayam

Chicken rice soup with Chinese doughnut & cracker.


C10. Kwetiau Siram

Flat noodles, beef vegetable topped with white sauce.


C11. Ayam Penyet

Egg mix with cabbages, carrots and green onion


C12. Ayam Taliwang

Spicy grilled chicken


C13. Ayam Goreng Kalasan

Fried chicken with crispy coconut flakes


C14. Ayam Cabe Ijo

Fried chicken with green spicy sauce


C15. Ayam Kremes

Fried chicken with crispy spiced flakes


C16. Ayam Gerpek

Boneless fried chicken with spicy sauce


C17. Ayam Goreng Komplit

Fried half chicken, liver and gizzards with spicy soup


C18. Bebek Cabe Ijo

Fried duck with green spicy sauce


C19. Ikan Bawal Kukus

Steamed golden pompano with ginger, onion, garlic, chili and turmeric sauce


C20. Fu Yung Hai

Egg mix with cabbages, carrots, green onion.


Feature Item

1. Gado-Gado

Steamed vegetable and rice cake with peanut sauce.


2. Bakmi Ayam

Steamed noodles, chicken, vegetable, meatball fried wonton, chicken broth on the side.


3. Mie Tek- Tek

Stir Fried noodles with egg, vegetable, chicken and cracker.


4. Bakso Malang

Noodles soups, meatball, vegetable and fried wanton.


5. Nasi Goreng Udang

Indonesian fried rice choose of chicken, shrimp or combination.


6. Bihun Goreng

Fried rice noodles, choose of chicken, shrimp or combination.


7. Nasi Padang

White rice, randan chicken, rending, spicy egg combo


8. Nasi Goreng Nusantara

Indonesian fried rice with sate chicken, chicken leg, egg combo.


9. Sop Buntut

Ox tail soup.


10. Soto Betawi

Beef or chicken in aromatic and coconut milk.


11. Soto Ayam

Chicken, cabbage, tomato, egg in turmeric soup.


12. Gule Kambing

Lamb stew in coconut milk.


13. Ikan Bumbu Kunyit

Fish with turmeric and coconut milk.


14. Ikan Bakar tilapia

Marinated grilled fish.


15. Ikan Tongkol Balado

Fried mackerel fish in red spicy sauce.


16. Ikan Bakar Bawal

Marinated grilled fish.


17. Ayam Bakar

Marinated grilled chicken.


18. Sate

Chose of chicken or lamb.


19. Sambal Goreng Udang/ Pete

Sauteed shrimp/ sator in spicy sauce.


20. Tempe Bacem

Marinated grilled soy bean cake